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Don Dressels Rigging Techniques slides
See the slides Don used during his presentation on rigging techniques. Find it in the Research Room, section "R", in the article "Rigging Techniques -- Don Dressel" or click here.

SMA Logo at Lands End!!
SMA members may now have the SMA logo added to clothing, hats, and other items ordered from Lands End. See the article SMA Logo Available at Lands End in the Research Room for details on how to order.

Ship Modelers Handy Hints Available
SMA's venerable collection ship modeling tips and tricks, Ship Modelers' Handy Hints, is now available in the Research Room. The articles are stored individually for easy downloading, and all have "SMHH" in their titles. The article "SMHH A0 Table of Contents" contains the entire list of available articles. You can use the names of articles in this list to search for individual articles in the Research Room. For example, the first article in the Table of Contents, "Anchor Carving" which appeared on page A1 of the original collection can be found in the article "Anchor Carving SMHH A1" in the Research Room.

How to log in to the SMA webstie
Active members of SMA must log in to get full access to all of the site's features and content. To log in, select the Member Log In choice in the blue menu bar at the top of this page. Your default username is your complete email address or, if you do not have an email address, your first and last names run together in all lowercase. For example, Horatio Hornblower's default user name might be horatio@hornblower.com if he had an email address and horatiohornblower if he did not. Your default password is your last name in all lower case (so, hornblower for the good Admiral). We highly recommend that you change your password and verify your other account details once you have successfully logged in. You can do this by selecting the "Edit Your Personal Profile" link on the Member Log In page after you have logged in. While you are there, make sure the "Yes" button is checked for "Forward E-mail" if you would like to receive emails from other SMA members. Click the little question mark near the Yes button to read about how email forwarding works. If you cannot successfully log in but think that you should be able to, please contact the webmaster for help sorting out your log in credentials.

SMA Meeting Location
SMA meets at the Hobby Day Hall, 1127 N. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92801. Click here for a map. Enter your address in the box and click the car icon for driving directions. Unless the sticky note in the upper right corner of this page tells you otherwise, we meet at 7:00 PM the third Wednesday of every month. Come join us! Bring your models!

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